About us

Open Source & Cloud Recruitment

We’re an Open Source & Cloud recruitment agency and our mission is to help companies to build great technology teams. 

Through our relationships with the industry’s leading technology experts, communities, vendors, plus our Associate Pool, we’ve been helping companies to attract, retain and upskill their teams. By embedding ourselves within the tech community, we have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and ideas that matter most to our customers.

Community: Attraction, Retention & Upskilling

Community is at the heart of eSynergy. We run, host and sponsor user groups, webinars, meet ups, training sessions and social events for our associate pool and customers.

Attraction through our community events are by far our most important way of identifying and attracting top talent. These events also allow our internal teams to upskill within their market.

Retention of your top talent is vital to the success of any business. eSynergy provide retention strategy workshops to our customers to help advise on how to keep your talent pool happy and motivated.

Upskilling is at the core of our business. We provide this through a blended model of mentoring, classroom training workshops and access to regular user groups and webinars to enhance your workforce. To achieve these objectives eSynergy are an exclusive partner with Skills Matter.

Our Story

Founded in 2001 off the back of the dot com boom, we had a strong track record across the application server and content management technologies. eSynergy were one of the first companies to corner the WebSphere, WebLogic, Interwoven & Vignette markets. In 2012 we made a gradual move towards focussing on Open Source and Cloud technologies, it was at this same time the business evolved away from a transactional KPI led recruitment into a community led organisation. We are now fully integrated into Open Source markets and our business reflects these principles with our very own community team and vendor relationships.


eSynergy Team

Working together in a collaborative and supportive environment, our team at eSynergy provide a service above and beyond our competitors through innovative solutions.

Each consultant specialises in a niche area, with in depth technical knowledge to provide market intelligence and advice to our customers. From the people we employ to the communities we grow, we’re passionate about creating strong, valuable relationships.

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