Latest jobs

QA Analyst – Automation – TDD – Agile
£400 - £500 per day
City of London
Front-End Developer – Javascript – React - ES
£500 - £550 per day
City of London
Senior Project Manager – Banking – Financials
£450 - £500 per day
Head of Business Development - Transformation
£55,000 - £65,000 per annum
DevOps Engineer - Linux, Puppet/Ansible, Jenkins,
£500 - £600 per day
DevOps Engineer- AWS- Docker – Puppet
£400 - £475 per day

Our Partners

We partner with some of the most innovative Open Source organisations, which allows us to offer our clients qualified associates who have been built up through these communities.

Building applications with Elixir

This talk will introduce developers to Elixir and the underlying Erlang VM and show how they introduce a completely new vocabulary which shapes how developers design and build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. The end of the talk will focus on Elixir and show some examples.

Latest Blog

Agile Project Management: not just for software & IT projects

Agile is a key trend. Interest in and demand for Agile approaches for an increasingly wide range of projects and initiatives has never been higher.


Upcoming webinar

Developing Software for Change: Enter the World of Microservices with Confidence

Join eSynergy for our 'Developing Software for Change: Enter the World of Microservices with Confidence' webinar with guest speaker Randolph Kahle, for an introduction to the benefits of microservices architecture for future-focussed “evergreen" development; avoid the usual elephant traps of micro service development and operations; navigating a successful microservices engagement with confidence and assurance.

Event Date

Tue, 26/07/2016 - 03:00